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Vee Jay’s Kalfresh (VJK) is a joint venture between the Jurgens Family based in Bowen, NQ and Kalfresh Vegetables, based in Kalbar, SEQ. Together, we’re focused on the farming, processing, and marketing of fresh conventional and certified organic vegetables across Australia and select export markets. We’re a diverse, skilled team united by our passion for sustainable farming to grow fresh, nutrient-rich produce. Our geographically-diverse locations enables a reliable 12-month, in-season supply.


As we enter our busiest vegetable production period we are looking to recruit up to 100 new team members for full-time Picking & Packing roles on a fixed-term 12 month contract. Successful applicants will be required to commence work at our Bowen facility from April 2021.

In these roles you will be paid in accordance with the VJK Labour Solutions Employee Collective Agreement (ID: CAEN072240277) which offers a flat hourly rate of $19.84/hour (ie. Horticultural Award Level 1 Base Rate), or by Piece Rate.

Picking tasks include planting, harvesting and packing of a range of vegetables, as well as general farm labouring tasks. These may include irrigation maintenance, tying plants to stakes, preparing seedlings and other farm maintenance tasks. Picking employees are expected to be versatile and able to take on different roles throughout the season.

Packing tasks include grading (sorting) vegetables, packing, moving crates of vegetables and monitoring equipment. Other tasks will include lifting and stacking crates of vegetables (approx 10kgs) continuously onto pallets, wrapping and labelling the produce.

The work you will be doing is hard, physically demanding and very repetitive. It will involve a lot of bending, lifting and will require you to be on your feet for 8-10 hours per day. You need to be fit and in good physical condition to do this work and we will give preference to applicants who have undertaken similar work previously.

All applicants must have:

  • Full availability to work shifts up to 6 days per week, starting from 4am.
  • Able to work in cold room and/or hot conditions in direct sunlight
  • Able to work in a repetitive, fast-paced environment showing attention to detail
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Team player
  • Able to get to and from work – no public transport available.

This role would suit those who are reliable, passionate about fresh produce, and being a part of a diverse team environment


If you’re interested, please email your resume and cover letter to careers@kalfresh.com.au with subject title: ‘Picking & Packing 2021’

You must include a cover letter outlining your current location, availability and suitability for the role to be considered. We welcome applications from applicants from outside the Bowen region who demonstrate in their cover letter a commitment to commuting for their shifts or are willing to relocate to the region. Please indicate in your cover letter if you will require assistance with sourcing accommodation.



We often require seasonal, casual sorters and packers to work in different parts of our business.

Hours and requirements are dependent on crops and seasons.

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