The Passionate Farmer


Jamie and Melita Jurgens are passionate farmers.

They’re passionate about growing tasty, nutrient-rich produce, with minimal impact on the environment.

Jamie and Melita are based in Bowen Queensland on the Whitsunday Coast, where they farm land that’s been in the Jurgens family since 1915.

The Passionate Farmer range features a number of Certified Organic vegetables, including Gourmet Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Capsicums and Green Beans.

The Jurgens received full Organic Certification in 2018.

The Jurgens pride themselves on growing environmentally and socially-sustainable, safe food. Their farming philosophy is driven by the belief that a happy plant is a healthy plant. They work with Mother Nature to allow a plant to meet its full potential naturally.

The Jurgens’ use precision farming to minimise destruction and compaction of soil; a ‘Bugs for Bugs’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system which uses ‘beneficial’ insects to control pests which are harmful to crops.

They use long fallows and crop rotation to maintain soil sustainability and good soil microbiology.

Composting is a vital part of their program, again to improve soil structure and improve soil sustainability. The compost is made on farm, using natural products to produce organic carbon.

These biodynamic farming methods produce food that is better for you and has deeper, richer flavours.

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