Everyone at Vee Jays’ Kalfresh is driven by a desire to create the freshest, tastiest, nutrient-rich produce possible, with the least impact on the environment. This is achieved through seed selection, soil management and wold-leading farming practices. Our farming philosophy is driven by the belief that a happy plant is a healthy plant. We know that Mother Nature is an incredible thing and if a plant that is allowed to meet its own full potential naturally it will produce healthy food.

Sustainable farming methods are at the crux of everything we do. We monitor the environment and work with it to reduce our impact on the place where we live and farm. We are Reef Guardian farmers and are constantly improving the way we do things to ensure we have minimal impact on the local environment.

Our healthy, sustainable farming practices include:

Precision Farming


We adopt a control traffic system on farm, using GPS technology which outlines permanent roadways and growing areas. We never drive tractors on the dedicated growing areas.

This system minimises the destruction and compaction of soil. Control traffic improves the soil structure and water-holding capacity and minimises the amount of water required to grow crops.



We take biodiversity to the next level by increasing the natural flora & fauna on farm and by increasing the micro-organisms in the soil.

We use a ‘Bugs for Bugs’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system which uses insects to control pests which harm our crops.

Biodegradable Plastic Film


We use biodegradable film for weed protection in our tomato crops. This film is better for the environment and reduces the amount of waste discarded each year.

Crop Rotation


We believe in long fallows and crop rotation helps us maintain soil sustainability. We grow a grass cover crop for a two-year fallow. The bulk is mulched often, which helps maintain good soil microbiology.



Composting is a vital part of our program to improve soil structure and improve the overall soil sustainability. Our compost is made on farm using natural products to produce organic carbon which is used as a food source for microbes in the soil.

Permanent Irrigation Sub-Mains


We have invested in permanent irrigation systems to minimise water losses and reduce runoff.

Water Quality and Recycling


Because Vee Jay’s Tomatoes is a reef wise farm, they are conscious of water leaving their property. The water is caught in silt traps before leaving the property and recycled.

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